Inglan My Inglan: United Kingdom Shorts


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These shorts by Black British filmmakers deploy radical uses of form as a means of resisting the sensational and stereotypical.

Fi Dem
Dir. Zinzi Minott  |  6 mins  |  2018  |  United Kingdom
Fi Dem
is part of the continued investigation into Blackness and Diaspora and the first of a body of work that will be made annually on the anniversary of the Empire Windrush docking in the UK 22nd June 1948. The piece journeys through Minott’s personal Diasporic journies and takes this moment of Windrush Day to focus on those that move and have been moved. Those who stay, who cannot leave and all of the slippage in between.

Another Decade
Dir. Morgan Quaintance  |  27 mins  |  2018  |  United Kingdom
Another Decade combines archival and found footage from the 1990s, with recently shot 16mm film and standard definition video. Focusing on testimonies and statements made by artists, theorists and cultural producers that are still pertinent over two decades later, the work seeks to exhume evidence buried in the shallow grave of cultural amnesia of another, more political, iconoclastic, and confrontational decade that promised a future still yet to arrive.

A Protest, a Celebration, a Mixed Message
Dir. Rhea Storr |  12 mins  |  2018  |  United Kingdom
Celebration is protest at Leeds West Indian Carnival. A look at forms of authority, A Protest, A Celebration, A Mixed Message asks who is performing and who has power. Following Mama Dread’s, a troupe whose carnival theme is Caribbean immigration to the UK, we are asked to consider the visibility of black bodies, particularly in rural spaces.

An entirely sincere, comprehensive and essential step by step guide to creating a film: the Black London edition presented by Geraldine Thomas
Dir. Cecile Emeke  |  4 mins  |  2019  |  United Kingdom
A scathingly satirical how-to guide for getting your black-directed film produced in a white-dominated industry.

where did we land
Dir. Rabz Lansiquot  |  30 mins  |  2019  |  United Kingdom
where did we land is an ongoing experiment interrogating the effect of images of anti-black violence produced and reproduced in film and media. This iteration takes the form of a visual essay that explores the complex and often adverse effects of such images in film as a tool for fostering solidarity. The film features 900 abstracted still images that span the Diaspora, both spatially and temporally, accompanied by a spoken text that features words from Tina Campt, Saidiya Hartman, Rooney Elmi, Guy Debord and Susan Sontag.

Fi Dem II
Dir. Zinzi Minott  |  9 mins  |  2019  |  United Kingdom
Minott reflects on the first National Windrush Day which sits in the middle of UK Pride Month and seems to get lost amongst its longer established contemporary. What does this mean for those like her, Black British first and second generation children and grandchildren of Windrush migrants who are LGBTQI+? This work also questions whose labour is it to remember this day? More specifically, the work of her maternal Grandmother Doreen Haynes, a nurse of 52 years.

Early Years
Dir. Morgan Quaintance |  16 mins  |  2019  |  United Kingdom
Early Years is a portrait of Jamaican-born artistic polymath Barbara Samuels, featuring an account of her first generation, Diasporic experience in London, and her discovery of the liberatory possibilities for self-actualisation offered by an early entry into creative life.

COUNTRY: United Kingdom
DURATION: 104 minutes
YEAR: Various
Genre: Various
TYPE: Feature Films

About the Director

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Little Haiti Cultural Complex

212 NE 59th Terrace

Miami, FL 33137

DATE: Saturday, February 8, 2020
TIME: 6:00 pm