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Chèche Lavi is a lyrical portrait of two Haitian migrants, Robens and James, who find themselves stranded at the US-Mexico border with no way forward and no one to depend on but each other.

Their unexpected friendship shines in the eye of an incomprehensible geopolitical storm, even as the two men drift towards drastically different futures, and a new wall rises on the horizon. This isn’t a film about crossing borders, but about how it feels when you can’t cross. And how it feels to start over as a stranger in a strange land.

Director Sam Ellison will be in attendance for a Q&A.

DIRECTOR: Sam Ellison
LANGUAGE: Haitian Creole with English subtitles
DURATION: 76 minutes
YEAR: 2019
Genre: Documentary
TYPE: Feature Films

About the Director

The core creative group of filmmakers here includes perspectives from all sides of the intercultural space our film depicts: Rachel Cantave (producer) is a Haitian-American anthropologist and Haitian Creole speaker who has done extensive field work in Brazil; Abraham Ávila (producer) is a filmmaker from Tijuana whose deep network of connections in his home city allowed incredible access; and Sam Ellison (director, based in New York) has deep experience in narrative cinematography and a documentary education from Harvard and Stanford.  Sam is best known for his camera work on such films as Manchester By The Sea, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and Vox LuxChèche Lavi is his directorial debut, with its world premiere at IFFR Rotterdam in 2019.


Little Haiti Cultural Complex

212 NE 59th Terrace
Miami, FL 33137

DATE: Saturday, February 8, 2020
TIME: 8:00 pm